Five Ways Your Real Estate Agent Saves You Time and Money

  1. It’s important to know what is a realistic listing or purchase price. Online research may produce some basic information, but those sites tend to be weeks or months behind current market data. Don’t lose money by pricing too low or overpaying. Your agent can provide the most recent information and advise you on pricing, comparable homes, and the market’s background.
  2.  Selling a home on your own can be time-consuming as you try to navigate the various contemporary means of marketing your home through multiple online sites that all require a well-written profile, good photos, or even video. Your real estate agent is a professional at advertising your listing through the most visible and successful avenues. She also knows how to stage your home so it looks its best in photography.
  3. Real estate agents have a huge network of previous clients, vendors, referrals, associates, etc., which they leverage for you in order to sell your home quickly. One study shows that 82 percent of sales are a result of your agent’s relationships. If you are a buyer, your real estate agent has the most recent data available on new homes on the market and the knowledge to assess viable opportunities quickly for your consideration and possible negotiation.
  4. Showings and open houses can be incredibly time consuming and place a strain on your schedule. Your real estate agent is available to handle showings during your busy work day and to handle a steady stream of Saturday appointments.
  5. For many buyers and sellers, negotiation is an unknown or intimidating. How do you get what you want? What’s fair? This is where your real estate agent steps in with her deep understanding of the process to ensure your best interests are represented at the table.

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Carol Kneller is a Licensed REALTOR® with Avalar Real Estate of Clermont, Florida at 17301 Pagonia Rd., Suite 300